Making “CMS Made Simple” GDPR Compliant

Please Note: This might not be all required steps. These are just the steps I have found to work for me.

In the database

Open the Database for your “CMS Made Simple” instance and type

select * from cms_templates where template_content like ‘’;

to check if there is a template violating the GDPR.

Now all you have to do is to change the CSS. You could do that with an SQL Update or just the Database Administration Tool of your choice.

What I did is to change the URL from to GDPRVIOLATION-GOOGLE-FONTSAPI this way it will fail loading in the Browser thus its GDPR compliant and in the future when there is a knock-off google fonts server available in Europe we can just direct the URL to that one instead.

On the filesystem

Since “CMS Made Simple” is caching the template CSS on disk. We need to remove it there as well so the CMS can refresh our modified CSS text.

Caching is done in the directory tmp.

Delete every file in tmp/templates_c and tmp/cache DO NOT REMOVE THE DIRECTORIES.

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