Remote Support


We use TeamViewer (TV) for remote support. You can download our custom QuckSupoort Module or just install the full version that you can find on the official TV website.


Click here to download our custom TeamViewer host module


Please keep in mind: You are required to agree to our privacy policy before we can help you over TV.


By downloading our TeamViewer QuickSupport Module or our TeamViewer Host Module or by requesting that we connect to you via TeamViewer via any other product in the TeamViewer line such as the official TeamViewer Host you agree that we make changes to your computer. Such changes may include the installation or removal of software, the modification of system settings and other things.

If we accidentally damage your computer or you are no longer able to use it in production we cannot be hold liable for that.

You agree that we can and should make changes to your computer system without your explicit permission if we believe that those changes are in your best interest.

You agree that only german law applies.

Privacy Policy

Since TeamViewer is a product of a third company and uses their servers I cant control what they do with the data they have. Most data should however be encrypted and TeamViewer should not be able to gain access to it.

That being said there is a contract in place intended to protect your privacy as required by the GDPR.

Everything else please click this link to view my 250+ page privacy policy – just kidding. Everything else is covered by german law, no fancy wording to confuse you here.