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Source code

If you need to see more source code please contact me.

I can show you some personal proprietary source code via TeamViewer. Please note however, I can not and will not show you the source code I wrote for other customers and neither will I give you a copy of any proprietary source code.


Published successful Apps


Awesome Color Cube

Awesome Color Cube Challenge your limits by playing this Game any where you go and compare your skills to other players.

View in iOS App Store

Awesome Sudoku

Play Sudoku on your Watch.

– 9×9 Matrix
– Unlimited games thanks to a powerful random generation algorithm
– 3 Difficulty Levels (Simple, Normal, Expert)
– View Solution

– 4×4 Matrix
– Fun to play
– Unlimited games thanks to a powerful random generation algorithm

View in the macOS App Store


This app will help you to quickly calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

– Supports Metric and Imperial units depending on your systems preferences.

View in iOS App Store

View in macOS App Store

Garage Gate

With this amazing new app you can operate up to four garage gates from your phone.
Please note: In order for this app to work a special hardware is required. This hardware can be purchased here in iOS App StoreView on Android Play Store