Memorize Keyboard shortcuts for every editor you use

As coders we use our editors a lot. If we want to type faster wouldn’t learning the editors keyboard shortcuts help? Let’s see. We change our coding tools a lot if you’ve been programming for a few years I bet you don’t use the editor you learned coding in.

Learning your current editors shortcuts just sets you up for learning it all over again once a better editor comes around or your preferred editor doesn’t support a platform you are programming for. Sure sometimes you can import your old editors shortcuts and change the key mappings.
Wouldn’t it be great though if there were shortcuts that worked almost out of the box for all your editors — current and future?

There is, meet vim. Not vim itself. After all we want to get work done and not show off how nerdy we are.
There is a vim extension for most editors and the best news is the shortcuts you learned once work everywhere.

Granted vim looks pretty intimidating and like a tool only the uber nerd would use. At least that’s what I thought until I dug deeper into it and found it pretty helpful. You don’t have to master it for it to be useful. 15 or 20 out of hundreds of possible shortcuts will give you a boost you wouldn’t want to miss ever again.

It took me about two weeks to getting used to it and now I don’t want to miss it.

I learned it on sure there are books I even bought some but I would recommend against using books to learn vim. Once you know your way around vim has nice tips for every experience level to get your game to the next level.

Vim for VSCode
Xcode vim

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